Getting Ready for a Date

Getting ready for a date might sometimes feel like preparing yourself for your first panel presentation; you want to look good and plan what to say ahead of time. However, we can’t really control how the date would go or how it would actually end; we just need to be ready and confident about ourselves.

So before we get too excited for that big day, here are few of the things to prepare before that most awaited night to avoid untoward circumstances.


Get Sweaty and Feel Great

When we say feel great it doesn’t mean that you just have to think of happy thoughts; it also has something to do with being ready physically. Yes, physically active and awake; get your body to work with exercise days before that special day; you’ll eventually understand that going on a date is like getting ready in a war. Being physically fit is essential so that when you are already in that moment you’d be effortlessly ready; rejuvenated and perfect for any outfit.


Open the Closet

First impressions will always stick, so don’t put yourself at the bottom when you are given the time to prepare; get yourself busy on choosing the right outfit that would represent you. At this moment you are expected to be yourself, chose attire that you are comfortable with but make sure that you won’t go out of style.

dress in closet

Be fashionable without looking too over prepared and consider all the possibilities  that would happen, so  think ahead of time; just for example if you are a sweaty person don’t choose garments that are light enough for your date to notice your wet underarms, believe me, you’ll never forget that date for the rest of your life. If you really have no idea of what to wear, you could get some ideas from the outfits on the magazine; if you already have something in mind try imagining yourself wearing it and ask yourself if you are comfortable in that outfit.


Be Mentally Ready

We can’t avoid awkward moments on a date especially when you are running out of topics, or it might be the other way where your date has a lot of topics prepared to talk about; be mentally present so if ever your date will pull out a question from the hat you’d be able to answer it fluently. Read books in advance or do some reading from the internet or newspapers; politics and other recent hot issues may be asked randomly so make time scanning and get informed so that you won’t be left tongue tied. Be intellectually prepared; you don’t know how intellectual your date would be.

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Take a Bubble Bath

When you are already ready for that date and get things all set; now it’s time to get yourself some cleaning. On the same day, take time to pamper yourself in the shower and do some exfoliating; feeling clean and fresh is a must before a date because it will give you the confidence that you need. See to it that you have everything cleaned from head to toe, do some pedicure and manicure, soak your hair in conditioner and do other skin detoxifying. It’s nice to feel clean and confident; just always keep things naturally so that you won’t look too scripted. Do away with heavy makeup or overpowering aroma; just do things calmly and natural; it’s sexier.


Be Optimistic

Always think positive; though the situation gives you the thrill you sometimes tend to think about what “if’s” in a date; stop and just divert your attention to the situation and be positive. The main reason that you are on a date is that you wanted to meet the person or get to know him better; so there is no reason to think negatively just be calm and be natural. Have that positive aura, it’ll radiate throughout the date.

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